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Tradition is the proof of our success

Do you want to wake up and be just a few steps away from a dive into the sea that fills you with life energy? Since 1987, we have been satisfying hungry palates and providing a peaceful haven for quality sleep in the very heart of Dugi otok. Are you arriving by boat or car, hungry or thirsty? Do you need accommodation while exploring the unique nature of Dugi otok? We are unique in that we are the solution to your problems in one place. Competent and qualified staff will make sure that your stay becomes and remains unforgettable.

Our mission is to help people recharge their batteries and return to reality full of energy. The greatest success and pride are our satisfied guests who return year after year.

Pansion Alen - Luka, Dugi otok
Pansion Alen - Luka, Dugi otok
Pansion Alen - Luka, Dugi otok
Pansion Alen - Luka, Dugi otok
Pension Alen
Let your heart travel

The vision of Pension Alen is to maintain our reputation among guests and partners by setting the the highest quality of groceries and services, by constantly educating the staff and following trends.

The olive tree, also known as the tree of life, in the very center of our facility is over 400 years old and is an inevitable place of energy replenishment and inexhaustible inspiration.

Within the facility there is a restaurant where you can taste fresh and seasonal ingredients chosen by our experienced owner with over 40 years of work in serious catering.

You can choose your accommodation between double rooms, triple rooms and apartments.

Our offer

It has been scientifically proven that stress reduction is just one of the many benefits that a sea view provides. Is there a better start to the day than the sight of a beautiful blue that gives a feeling of peace and warmth? Make yourself comfortable on the balcony of your accommodation and let nature do its thing. The accommodation is made in compliance with all norms for the comfort of the guests. The possibilities are diverse.

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Our services
Providing services for your ideal vacation
Parking for a car

Within the facility we offer parking for all our guests. It's time for a vacation, enjoy

Pension Alen - Luka, Dugi otok
Boat mooring

For all those who come by boat we offer the mooring. Set sail for an ideal vacation

Pension Alen - Luka, Dugi otok
Free Wi-Fi

We ensured that you are not completely cut off from the world, surf carefree with our Wi-Fi

Pension Alen - Luka, Dugi otok

Carefully chosen ingredients create special fish and meat dishes that satisfy every palate

Pension Alen - Luka, Dugi otok
First row to the sea

Refresh yourself in the crystal blue sea just a few steps away from the pension Alen

Pension Alen - Luka, Dugi otok

Relax on the beach in front of the facility and dive into the blue of the Adriatic Sea

Pension Alen - Luka, Dugi otok

Start the day with a fine breakfast with a varied offer and coffee with a sea view


We offer double and triple rooms and apartments and studio apartments


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